Getting the balance right

We had a great photowalk (or photoboatridemooch) in London yesterday.  Instead of sticking to one area we took a trip down the river on the Thames Clipper, getting off when we fancied, having a drink onboard a couple of times and generally just dossing around the city.  We embarked at Embankment (see what I did there) and our first stop was the London Eye.  We could have walked there in just 5/10 minutes but where’s the fun in that?

When you’re up close it’s difficult to create an image of the full wheel so I thought I’d go for sections – the huge wires, the individual pods, the structure of the Eye.  I like making images like this and I particularly like this one – you can see the tourists inside the pod against the blue sky of the spring morning but what I really like is the empty pod.  The pods are removed one at a time for repair/upkeep and replaced with an empty pod  to keep the balance correct.

And that’s what yesterday was – a really nice, fun, balanced day – not too much photography geekery but at the same time, the chance to spend time with friends and create some images of a day out in London.

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