The Elephant Parade

All across London life-size baby elephant statues are popping up.  The Elephant Parade is raising awareness of plight of the Asian Elephant which is facing extinction due to threat to its habitat and human/elephant conflict.

There are 258 elephants across London and I made a start the other day on visiting them all. It wasn’t a big start – think I got to 12.  So a bit more work to do obviously.

This one in Leicester Square Gardens – Untitled (Gajaraja) by Jitish Kallat – wasn’t one of my favourites but I enjoyed spending time here because of the sweet little girl laying flowers at his feet.  To her he was a real elephant and she was showing her love by picking flowers and giving him.  I don’t know if she visited the other three in the gardens or if this one had particularly attracted her attention.

You can find out more about the Elephant Parade at

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