New Year in Denmark

To start our EuroFifty campaign – trying to visit all 50 countries in Europe in one year – we spent Hogmanay in Copenhagen.

Being the party people that we are and with Darren suffering from the cold from hell we saw in the New Year in our hotel room.  This turned out to be a brilliant move. From our fourth floor vantage point we could see for miles across the city and enjoyed the spectacle of thousands of fireworks being let off all across the city.  Not just major displays.  It seemed like every family in Denmark was having its very own firework party.  It lasted for hours and was amazing.  And slightly terrifying.  Rockets were launched across the frozen river outside our hotel, large fireworks were plonked in the middle of the street and ignited – cars just drove on as normal.  And as for the children holding catherine wheels…. I’m sure Charlie said no to that one.

And it wasn’t just in the city.  This firework remnant was found on the street in Nyborg, a small town just near The Great Belt Bridge.  The streets were littered with dead fireworks – a remnant of a very happy Hogmanay.

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